I went to Mohawk Armory and had a talk with Jim the owner.
I had a look in his nice shop while I was there.
These guys are local makers of ARs at a nice price.
I like to support local Tennessee makers when I can.
They are located in Midway TN just off I-81 at exit 23.
This is in East TN near Bulls Gap, Greeneville, and Morristown area.
Jim also will do custom laser work on the lowers.
-Jeff: Rogersville, TN
I am the Chief Deputy Sheriff at the Greene County Sheriff's Department which is the county where Mohawk Armory is located in East Tennessee.
The owner gave me the first one he made for testing.
I am also one of the firearms instructors at the department.
We ran a 40 hour rifle school running over 2000 rounds through this gun in a week.
Since that time I have run another 1000 through it, a lot of this was with the bump firing technique which simulates full auto fire. I also have the pleasure of being able to call the owner one of my friends and would recommend him to anyone to do business with.
His name is Jim Graham and if you need to contact him
his cell phone is 423-335-6528 he knows guns and loves to shoot and talk the language.
Give him a try he will save you some money and give you a quality product.
If anyone would like a picture of the one I tested you can
email me at gcsd2@comcast.net.
Also check out the Greene County Sheriff's Department at www.greenecountysheriffsdepartment.org
Thanks have a good day
which I hope involves getting to shoot your favorite gun.
-John Jones
I am a Vietnam Vet served with the 173rd and am currently a pastor in a neighboring town that Mohawk Armory is in.
While I am not an expert by any means I have trained on an M16 and for the last few years have shot a few 3 gun matches using an AR15 so I am familiar with the weapon.
Mohawk Armory makes a good product.
-Preacher Rudd