Hello everyone,
My name is Jim Graham. I own Mohawk Armory.
We are in Greene county Tn. in a small community called Midway.
It appears that Tennessee has several "Midways”, so sometimes were are thought to be in the closest town, Greeneville.
I have been in the machine shop / tool and die trade since my first job in 1985.
I have been interested in guns since 1968 (I was 4 yrs old).
At that time my Grandfather got on one knee and held a .22 to his shoulder and let me pull the trigger, I was hooked.
I grew up in the country and when I wasn't working on the farm, I occupied my time with hunting and target shooting.
When I became old enough and had enough money saved, I got into the Class 3 weapons, my favorite being the Colt 1928 Navy.
When the economic down turn happened, I finally made the decision to take advantage of the equipment that I have, and got a manufacturing FFL.
We have tried to insure quality throughout the manufacturing process.
As a matter of fact, we had inspection gages and quality procedures in place before the first part was made.
We are happy to announce that we just got our Class 3 license.